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The preferred method of communication is via telephone, which is inside the UK 07804-289794 or 07847-849105.

When dialling from outside the UK, please call your international dialling code, then 44-7804-289794 or 44-7847-849105.

Mark Percy has been a bass player since he was 10 years old. Mark is a left handed person, who learned to play right handed guitars. The thinking process that lefties have, when playing right handed guitars, is different from right handed players playing right handed guitars. Gary Moore has a lot to say about lefties playing right handed guitars.

Mark is an autodidact, which means a person who successfully educates themselves. (Factor 1. Especially when there is no money in the family as a young person, and the only learning to be had, is from playing along to records, and studying books, and dictionaries to enhance understanding, taking into account that manual writers can have their own errors, of which they are not aware of, or false datums however erroneously acquired. Factor 2. Also taking into consideration that some teachers at schools may teach suppressively, and that the only option available in the light of this is to be self-taught, or go without completely, having disabused yourself of the suppressive teacher/teaching.)

Mark Percy is principally a bass player/singer first and foremost, before anything else, like being a guitarist.

Mark Percy has been playing bass in bands, sessions, recording sessions, albums, singles, shows, TV, tours, live work, and studio work, since he was a teenager. He also does backing vocals, harmony vocals, lead vocals, and doubles on other instruments, of piano and guitar.

(1) Mark plays FIVE STRING ELECTRIC BASSES, through Ampeg amplification, from small amps to large touring systems. Mark prefers 4x15 cabinets with JBL speakers for bigger setups, and Ampeg SVT IIpro amps that go with the cabinets.

Mark also uses Ampeg vintage 8x10 cabinets, loaded with Hartke aluminium speakers, after having met Larry Hartke in Chicago, and Larry explained that this is what he originally wanted to do with the Ampeg SVT stack, and take out the Eminence paper cone speakers, and put in aluminium cone speakers, which make a world of difference.

(2) Mark plays double bass, using Fishman transducers, or EMG pickups for the double bass, which when used separately, or in conjunction, make for the most monstrous fat sound.

(3) Mark is interested in high standard guitarists, having studied out the guitar himself in great depth, in order to have a greater understanding of what can be done as a bass player to complement the guitar in a three-piece situation, with or without keyboards, and additional musicians.

(4) Mark has studied out Larry Graham thumbing techniques that can add huge Funk-Driven grooves to bluesfunk style music, with the additional option of chords on the bass, simultaneously occurring whilst main groove in operation.

(5) Mark has studied jazz double bass, and swing-style double bass, that complements Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller, Cole Porter, and Ira and George Gershwin style material.

(6) Mark can play roots music in the style of Cajun, Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Funk, and Jazz.

(7) Mark is also at home playing heavy metal, having been exposed to heavy metal since he was very young, and having studied out heavy metal since he was a teenager.

(8) Mark also studied out reggae bass, after becoming interested in early wailers, Bob Marley and the Wailers, "Catch a fire" album, and all the early albums like "Uprising".

(9) Mark also studied out Toots and the Maytals style bass from the same period.

(10) Mark is an eclectic bass player who is interested in all music, and all styles of music, and has no considerations or significances that obstruct being able to work in any area of music.

(11) Mark studied out the guitar in great depth, after having experienced great hardship and abuse under certain guitarists when he was younger, who were despotic, tyrannical, and inhumane, and abusive, financially draining, enslaving, condescending, sneering, high-maintenance, megalomaniacal, with mafia-style rule.

So Mark decided to study the guitar, and become technically capable, and expand songwriting ability on the polyphonic guitar, after having discovered the scale of chords and inversions on the piano when he was very young, having had piano lessons since he was 7 years old.

(12) It is important to study other instruments, like the piano first and foremostly, and also the guitar in great depth, to really understand what can be done with the bass musically, as musicians have discovered when the bass player plays complementary notes, and harmonically compatible notes, that greatly enhance the bass lines.

Obviously, when rhythm techniques are mastered more fully on the bass, polyphony, and monophony become more interesting in the hands of bass players who study piano and guitar, like MARCUS MILLER says to do so, if you are a bass player.

(13) Mark should be contacted through the appropriate channels, of telephones and postal addresses. Please persist in communications, because communication channels have been known to be interfered with by outside sources.

Please telephone when inside the UK 07804-289794 or 07847-849105. International: 44-7804-289794 or 44-7847-849105.