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"Honey" - Front View.

Hipshot 5 lever tailpiece with roller bridge and roller nut, tuned to E maj 9 for country, Nashville-type rock bends. This unit has had extensive custom modifications to put a maj 9 in the middle of the chord, or straight octave, and other custom modifications to the unit itself. If you are not rich, and are a meat and potatoes working musician, on the circuit, this baby in open E with or without maj 9th is a fantastic setup.

"Honey" - Back View

The artwork you see on the back of the guitars pictured was created by Mark himself.

"Flame" - Front View

"Flame" - Back View


"Flame" - Closer View


Hipshot 5 lever tailpiece allows you to drop top E to D and bottom E to D and A to G, creating open G tuning from normal tuning. Bends B string and G string, skilful use of top E lever as well allows you to adjust top E to a major 9th and bend the lever back to get root, so leaning on both B and G, and twiddling top E lever, you can get all three going, creating pedal steel sounds. Also custom modification to the unit to create maj 9 in the middle of the chord also, or returning to root.


"Flame" Artwork close-up as it was first designed.

Recently, I found a rock and gem fair that had the right stones for guitar art.

I got hooked on this idea, my friends, some of whom are very conservative, and suffer terribly from G.A.S. (guitar acquisition syndrome), who have at least 10 Firebirds, 10 Les Paul Standards, 10 Strats, 10 Tele's, 10 335's, etc. etc. etc., are utterly horrified and mortified that I would carve up a Gibson and do such a thing as guitar art.

Let it be known that creativity nowadays is harder and harder to do, with the constant inflow of media dictating your thinking, and peer group pressure, built on falsehoods, and the cult of corporatism, and the cult of ineptocracy.

The "Flame" artwork shown here has been further modified this year with additional stones etc.


















"Seven" - Front View

"Seven" - Back View before addition of artwork

"Seven" - Further Front View

"Seven" - Back View with artwork

"Seven" - Further back view with artwork

"Seven" Artwork close up

"Grail" - Front View

"Grail" - Back View

"Grail", shown here, is an absolutely fantastic "TOMMY'S SPECIAL GUITAR" that I found from a scientist who was wealthy, whose wife was pressurising him to give up playing music, he was advertising it under "Hi Fi" in the Loot Magazine, which is equivalent to the "Recycler" magazine of Los Angeles, I suppose he really didn't want to sell it, so I went round and met him, and played it for a bit, he only lived around the corner from me, so he liked what I was playing on it, and said he wanted it to go to a good home. I got it for absolutely thrupence hapenny farthing, which is old money terms before decimalisation of 17th February 1971.

On a non-sequitur note, decimalisation occurred on the 17th February 1971, when just prior to this, a deceptive referendum was held, to coerce Britain into the EU/Common Market.

This document was worded in such a way, as to dupe the populace into voting for it by deception, because the populace didn't understand the wording of the referendum request. Presented to the populace in this confusing way, they erroneously voted for it, not understanding it, thus our rights as British citizens were devolved by this action.

Our unwritten constitution in this country has been undermined successively by the following actions. England is the only country that doesn't have a written constitution, because if it did, none of the following actions could have been successfully implemented. There are reasons for a very long time, why we don't have a written constitution.

Frankfurt is where the European Central Bank is situated. "Frankfurt School", would denote Frankfurt School of Thinking.

1950's - Plans of the German "Frankfurt School" initiated. First attack on the Church; biggest coup - persuaded it "not to do politics", which made the Church now irrelevant by this action. British churches now mostly empty, a stunning success.

Historically, it must be understood that the Church "did do politics", to enormous effect, being as important an institution in society, as Government and Monarchy. Let us not forget that until quite recently, the Church had its own police force in each parish, to settle disputes amongst parishioners.

By this attack on the Church, in this time, removing politics from its realm, has reduced the Church, to being empty like barns.

(1) 1961 - EU has sufficient penetration in the Conservative leadership for Harold McMillan to apply for EU membership.

(2) 1968 - Conservative leadership permanently taken over by pro-Europeans.

(3) 1972 - European Communities Act illegally signed, thus abolishing our sovereignty.

(4) 1970's - British Communists who owed their allegiance to Soviet Union switched to European Union. The "Frankfurt School" undermining family, teachers and parents begun.

(5) 1980's - EU's common purpose organisation run from ODPM begins subversion within NHS, thus abolition of councillors by transferring power to executives.

(6) 1990's - Common purpose grows Euro-style: waste and corruption at all levels of local and national government and soon cripples NHS.

(7) 1992 - Common law halfway to being replaced by EU's Corpus Juris, which puts government above the law. Although police have shot dead 30 people since 1992, no policeman has been successfully prosecuted, thus creating fascist lackey bully boy mentality.

(8) 1996 - Labour and Lib Dem taken over by pro-Europeans.

(9) 1997 - General Election. Voters don't realise that by voting Labour, Conservative, or Lib Dem, they are all voting for the EU dictatorship, thus precipitating super heavy control society.

(10) 1997 - 12 pro-EU former Communists made Ministers in the Blair Government.

(11) 1997 - Control over immigration handed to the EU in the Amsterdam Treaty. Numbers crank up above 50,000 per annum coming in of each social grouping. The floodgates now have the doors ripped off by the deluge.

Incidentally, if the Government can't coerce the populace to vote for them, then they will import a population that will, if you study demographics in cities, and voting boundaries.

(12) 1998 - A court case of prosecution which cannot be spoken about here, involving the First Estate, the Second Estate, the Third Estate and the Fourth Estate.

Incidentally, MI5 are currently recruiting intelligence officers, English language transcribers, administration assistants, data analysts, mobile surveillance officers, developed vetting officers, language unit personnel, security specialists IT, operational intelligence officers, middle managers, static surveillance officers, the list goes on and on.

(13) 2000 - The 1997 Amsterdam Treaty becomes a major factor affecting house prices as immigrants reach hundreds of thousands a year.

(14) 2001 - "Frankfurt School" teaching of sex and homosexuality to young children in schools, much of it managed by common purpose quangos.

(15) 2002 - Blair signs sixth EU treaty at Nice, thus handing another 20% of our sovereign powers to the EU.

(16) 2004 - EU Constitution based on Soviet Constitution is drafted. Among its clauses, it will hand all military assets in Europe, and the nuclear weapons of Britain and France to the unelected dictators of the EU.

(17) 2005 - End of Habeas Corpus under EU's Corpus Juris. Shoot to kill policy implemented. The EU Constitution rejected by voters of Holland and France. If it had not been, Britain would have ceased being a nation in November of 2006. Not one newspaper reported it. Implementation of the Constitution accelerated in Brussels.

(18) 2006 - Newspaper front pages and the Lib Dem party note with concern laws have been passed that have built a complete but unenforced police state around us, but fail to realise the cause is harmonizing our laws with the EU over 34 years.

(19) 4 million extra immigrants here since the EU's 1997 treaty now arriving at 900,000 per annum, creating pressure on living space, the whole nation notices, without understanding the EU is responsible. Wages are drastically falling among the lower paid and in some skilled trades, as they compete for work with millions of EU immigrants. Unemployment is growing and at a 7 to 11 year high.

(20) 2006 - 11th October the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, gets agreement from the EU to pass a declaration of Britain on 25th March 2007.

(21) Projected timescales unless dictated by treaties, are estimated:

(22) 2007 - The EU Constitution will be fully implemented in Brussels while Middle England sleepwalks into a super heavy control society, they are catatonically unaware of, sold down the river for a few trinkets and baubles, and who sold the family silver, dupes are extremely dangerous in any capacity, especially celebrity dupes, that are held up in a cocoon, blissfully unaware, and screened against receiving the truth.

(23) 2007 - March 25th German Chancellor, Angela Merkel's Declaration of Berlin to be signed, compelling all EU nations to sign the final EU Treaty before June 2009 Euro Elections.

Currently, Sterling is sinking against the dollar, and against the Euro, let it be known that to a Filipino, Nigerian, Polish person, £1 here is still worth £10 back home, so why spend any pounds here?


In addition to the EU's laws and directives, 111,000 EU regulations have been passed on by our government, 3,500 new ones arrive each year. When these are fully enforced by our new Euro Masters, small businesses won't be able to cope. Under a Soviet-style command economy under a suppressive EU dictatorship.

HOW DID IT HAPPEN? Many of you have noticed your votes count for nothing. The orders are coming from the EU, not from the British electorate, and the EU police state, while the political puppets that are put out front, distract the population from the countdown to the installation: incidentally, if voting changed anything, they would make it illegal.



Slowly but surely we are, as a nation, sleepwalking into a one world government, soporifically and catatonically unaware of what is actually happening. As individual nations, we are better off out of a collective as Spain is now clearly indicating.

If you get up in a plane and fly out from Heathrow or Gatwick, to Paris, you will see no farming going on in England, as the fields lie bare under the Common Agricultural Policy. As soon as you travel over France, from the fuselage windows of the jet plane, France looks like a patchwork quilt of cultivated land, yielding bumper crops.

Our farmers are paid not to do anything, England can produce a vast amount of its own produce of livestock and agricultural product, of which the Victorian industrial revolution that started in this country bares testimony to. We were the workshop of the world.

Immigration floodgates are open to whereby 400 million people want to come and live in the UK. Huge migrant populations have come to England creating incredible pressure on the infrastructure that is so great, that the job market, housing, healthcare, schools, transport systems, policing, social services, have all been broken completely, under the "ineptocracy" that we are forced to live under.

- (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


Grail has a EVH drop D bridge tuner.

Close-ups of artwork on "Grail"


"Peaches" - Front View.

Peaches, has a mild steel large capacity sustain block, a Dennis Cornell active pack, much like Eric Clapton's, a LSR roller nut, Sperzels.

"Peaches" - Back View

Close-up of artwork on "Peaches"

"Mountain" - Front View


Mountain, has got scalloped upper frets, and a funk channel for double finger pull-ups, and thumbing like Larry Graham on the lower strings, and thumb inserts by the pickups.

"Mountain" - Back View


Close-ups of artwork on "Mountain"


"Excalibur" is a real find, I found him for not a lot of money, he is an early developmental 5 string from Fernandes in the USA, he was an absolute dog, in the shop, but I saw his inner responsiveness, took him home, put some Kent Armstrong special pickups, that have coil taps on him, and did various modifications, thus bringing to life a bass that was not understood, by so many people that picked it up in the shop, until it was straightened out.

"Excalibur" Artwork on the back.


This is a Supro, which was made in the Far East, as a prototype, and got into trouble with the original name owners, it has a brass nut, and a P90, and a vitamin Q across the CTS pots.

Speakers & Amps


Dennis Cornell Plexi Head, with custom mods.


Another backup earlier version plexi head with custom mods.


My trusty old SVT PRO II.

A real early one that has a front end pad, installed by Richard Hill.


The in-house cheapie amps, that do for anything at tiny volume, the boxer 30 has got a Hartke 10" in it. The Marshall has got a G12M in it.



Other Equipment

Guitar Stand

Pedal Board (On the Floor) custom Oakleigh Flight Case.

Richard Puxley custom made this for me himself. Richard is an absolute genius, if you can ever get five minutes out of him, he is flat out Virgo balls to the wall perfectionist, with 20 plates on 20 sticks 24/7.

Small Pedal Board.

This little baby is great for small get-ins, whereby you have to get in and out quickly, with one or two guitars.