Mark Percy Responsible for Iron Maiden being signed to Trevor Taylor/Rod Smallwood Management in 70's.


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Mark Percy went to TREVOR TAYLOR/ROD SMALLWOOD MANAGEMENT, with Mark Von Strobel, and Bryson Graham, with their new band "FLASHPOINT" to the Taylor Smallwood offices opposite the Scotch House in Knightsbridge on a rainy Thursday afternoon in the early 70's.

Mark noticed that Trevor Taylor and Rod Smallwood were extremely unhappy at the afternoon appointment, and enquired as to why they were so glum. Rod exploded, and said that if I had his problems, I would be extremely depressed and perturbed also. I asked what the problems were, and with gentle persuasion, ascertained the true nature of what was occurring, with good two way communication established.

Rod and Trevor explained that GLORIA MUNDI, with the lead guitarist Peter Vash, commonly known as "Beethoven", and his band, were very expensive and non-commercially productive, as was KUBI AND THE RATS, were very expensive, and David Kubinick, the lead singer, was highly dissatisfied with the musicians at the rehearsals at New Sounds Rehearsal Studios, Causton Street, Vauxhall Bridge, upstairs from Pat Travers Rehearsals, in the same facility.

Mark Von Strobel and Bryson Graham were becoming increasingly impatient and angry, as our demo was not entirely complete, in order to make representations and ask for management interest and assistance at our stage of development, of which I was negotiating further assistance for rehearsals and recording, with Rod and Trevor. And Kenny Stewart, the vocalist, was otherwise disposed that afternoon, and our following day being Friday, all four of us were to attend an appointment at HANSA ARIOLA RECORDS with Steve Roland as company head, former lead singer with The Family Dog, and Three Dog Night.

After this intervention of impatience was handled, the topic of conversation returned to the worries and concerns of Trevor Taylor and Rod Smallwood, which came first. I explained that I understood completely that they were throwing good money after bad, and that for us to come in making further financial demands, was vastly inappropriate. I turned the subject material around to the fact that I was friends with David Murray, lead guitarist with Iron Maiden, who was living at Gunterstone Road, at Clapton Roundabout, and the following night being Friday, there was an IRON MAIDEN gig at the Ruskin Arms, near West Ham. I gave Trevor Taylor my best advices, seeing as Rod was extremely enturbulated and perturbed, so Rod slowly began to take an interest in the conversation between me and Trevor Taylor, as Trevor's eyes lit up at what he was hearing, that was being explained by myself. I also explained that my father had built the HOLT'S CAR PRODUCTS COMPANY, and SPECTRA CHEMICALS COMPANY, and the IMPEX COMPANY, importer of power tools from Germany, and my father had drilled me in business acumen and communications, so was aware of market forces, and business pressures.

I explained that Iron Maiden had captured the imagination of a generation, with their impressive rock music, and had all the ingredients of a world-class act with Paul Diannio as fantastic lead singer, Adrian Smith on guitar and terrific vocals, and Steve Harris on bass, and principal songwriter, who had a great understanding of what people want, and are prepared to pay for. I had met the whole band, when Paul, the lead singer, had an enormous PA system of columns in a Luton van, and was residing on the Commercial Road intermittently.

Mark Von Strobel and Bryson Graham, realised that it was better to listen at this stage as a new situation was unfolding and could possibly be extremely positive.

I explained that this type of act, was a project that had legs, and instantly had legs and could run without very little input, so with some input, would explode into viable activity. I strongly suggested that the following night they head over to the Ruskin, having given them David Murray's address and telephone number, and called his mum from their offices to inform her, to inform her son, who was parking his green Mini van outside, and bringing his Marshall 4x12 into the house.


Rod told me he was going to go in Trevor Taylor's white Mercedes estate car with Trevor the following night without fail, and contact David Murray, in order to establish inspection connection. Rod's eyes were turning from smouldering red to now lighting up with interest.

I suggested that throwing good money after acts, that were fraught with personal tensions like the temperamental nature of Peter Vas, who was signed to SPARTA FLORIDA PUBLISHING, who was going to release a single called Hollywood Kisses, that Niko McBrain played drums on, was a bad idea, because the management hadn't quelled the impossible behaviour of their artists, who had no respect for their management, and indulging in things they should not be doing whilst living in Wimpole Street.

The conversation continued across the rest of the roster of acts, who were extracting vast wages, and expenses, but were not coming up with the correct material, that was commercially viable, totally unlike Iron Maiden, that was instantaneously commercially viable, representing the imagination of a generation.

Later on, David Murray accosted me in Dingwalls, some considerable time later, asking for the details of all the most impeccable drummers that I knew. I instantly realised that this was a subtle enquiry into what I knew. He asked me who was the very best, and I said without any shadow of a doubt, understanding the covert nature of his enquiry, that the most suitable drummer for his band, was NIKO McBRAIN, who lived in Teignmouth Road, Kilburn, and gave him his telephone number. I phoned Niko from a payphone to ask him if this was okay, Cathy answered and put Niko on, to which he agreed to the enquiry.

I was not surprised that Niko McBrain was asked if he would take up the drum seat in Iron Maiden.

ON BOTH OCCASIONS, DAVID MURRAY WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN MAKING THE SECONDARY CONNECTIONS, AFTER I HAD MADE THE RELEVANT PRIMARY CONNECTIONS. David Murray, known as "The Mint", as in Murray Mint, had spent some time in the Ray Royer Band, of which I got him the job, prior to Iron Maiden's ascent.

It is a fact that I forsook my own management enquiry, in order to advance the career of Iron Maiden, but let it be known, that they were more honed and developed than the band I was in, seeing as a vast amount of effort had gone into their own initial development. If I had not intervened, maybe these musicians, would be plumbers, sparks, brickies, and chippies today, instead of international rock stars.

By being instrumental in changing the financial fortunes of Trevor Taylor and Rod Smallwood's management company, by finding them a world class act, that would instantly produce revenue, I had hoped that these good turns would be understood, but sadly it has remained buried for decades, by outside hidden third party intervention, black propaganda, smear campaigns, and suppression techniques.


Mark Percy